The Almost Accident

I was on the way to Parkway Parade to have dinner with A. I had to travel by ECP from my office. At 6+pm, the traffic in ECP is bad. The Jam stretches from Keppel to Marina Vista. I was cruising with the traffic on the Lane 2. All I remember was drive, slow down, stop, drive, stop, drive, slow down ..... and stop. I was somewhere near Tajong Katong and I look at the rear view mirror, suddenly I saw this taxi coming towards me quite fast. I know I had to do something, I quickly move a bit forward though there is a car in front of me but luckily I kept a distance that allows me to do that.
The next I heard from the taxi was screeching sound and the driver horned at me.


U are in a traffic jam and you horned at me!!!???? And the stupid driver did not even watch the traffic carefully. He almost hit me. Luckily, no accident. I continued with the journey and changed to another lane to avoid him.

That reminds me of another Almost Accident.

I was driving along St Andrew's Road (in front of City Hall Padang on a Saturday afternoon going towards Raffles City. The traffic light at the junction of Raffles City and Singapore Recreation Club turns red, so the cars come to a stop. There was a taxi on my right lane decided to switch into my lane and I move to his original lane. But the car in front of him was too close and his car is not able to move into the lane fully and his butt is sticking out into my new lane. So I had to stop just behind him. There was a Camry behind me driving slowly and eventually stopped behind me. While waiting for te green light, both Knighty and I suddenly heard a screeching sound and a loud bang. Apparently there was another taxi just do not know how to see the traffic condition and couldn't stop in time. He wacked into the Camry behind me. I was lucky that the Camry did not hit onto me to create a chain reaction. I left the Camry driver to strangle the taxi driver.
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2 weeks Tai Tai -ing is Over!!!!!

My gawd!!!!

2 weeks is fast!!!! And worst! For doing nothing and before I know it, 2 weeks of Tai Tai life is over.

Starting work this coming Monday.

New Job, New Colleagues, New Bosses, New Direction, New scope and hopefully better pay.

Hunk in Taipei

I bump onto him while in the Cali Gym in Ximen branch.

1. Saw him while he just step into the gym.
2. Saw him working out in front of me.
3. Saw him leaving the toilet after workout.

It is such a rare to see him in person. Nose Bleed.



New Year

Am not talking about 2007 since it is over and they are just memories to think about and gossip about.

Onwards to 2008, my resolutions and wishes as follows:
1. Make even more money
2. Work extremely Hard
3. Play Hard too.
4. Earn More Money (Sounds familiar)
5. Re-plan my spending habits
6. Get Audi a5 (I want I want!)
7. Earn more money (Is that a repeat? Oh to pay for A5)
8. Take care of my health
9. Loose more weight
10. Train hard to build more muscles (And be a hunk!)
11. Maintain my youthful looks (Do I need Botox?)
12. Earn more more money (to look beautiful)
13. Travel to New York, Orlando and Toronto (Disney Land! Here I come!)
14. Earn Money (For my travel. I'm going to burn out real soon!)
15. Look for a cute hunky rich second boyfriend. That will solves all my above resolutions.